We are a boutique Salesforce Consultancy with passion.

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Online Igniter is a United States based Salesforce Partner specializing in the automation of business processes.  We help solve real world business challenges and reduce wasteful and repetitive data entry through automation and user interface and user experience improvements.

One of our core beliefs is that clients who hire Online Igniter deserve the best. Integrity is more important to me than the bottom line.

If you want an ethical and honest partner to launch or streamline your CRM, that is Online Igniter. Whether you are a small business or enterprise level we can create effective automations to streamline your workflow.

Have you hired consultants who did the bare minimum, created a solution which didn't fit your business, and then moved on to the next client? Because we are a small boutique agency, and do not outsource work or over allocate, we stand by our work. If you aren't happy -- we will make it right. 

 Here are ten common business problems that can be solved with Salesforce automation:

Salesforce automation can be tailored to address specific needs and challenges within your business, making it a versatile solution for optimizing various aspects of your operations.